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  1. Donate Your Car to Charity and Help Kids
    Donate your car to help at risk kids earn an education from a reputable charity with over 15 years of service. Donate online or call our friendly staff for fast, free pickup nationwide.
  2. Donate Your Car to Charity
    IRS approved 501 (c) 3 charity with free nationwide towing, proudly serving individuals with developmental disabilities since 1963 - donate on-line, or give us a call.
  3. Donate Your Car to Charity - Family Care
    Help with our humanitarian mission by donating your car, boat or RV today. Receive a generous tax deduction for your donation. We provide free pick-up and handle all the paperwork.
  4. 1-800-CHARITY CARS: Maine Car Donation
    Receive full retail value tax deduction even with the new tax law. Nationally acclaimed, the original Charity Cars is 100% charity, not a for-profit car dealer/fundraiser.
  5. Donate a Car to Charity - Fast and Easy
    Donate cars, trucks, vans, boats, RVs, lots and real estate for a tax deduction. We handle it all. Call any day, and live operators arrange a free pick-up. Help Children's Cancer Foundation.
  6. Car Donation Charity Center
    Donate your car, boat, RV or trailer to United Way, Cancer Research Institute, ADA, others. Free pick-up nationwide, no-hassle, fast, easy, tax deductible. Call toll-free 7 days a week.
  7. Donate a Car - Get Free Hotel Stay
    Donate your car to charity. In return receive a tax deduction plus a free 3-day, 2-night hotel stay.
  8. Donate Car/Auto, Boat, RV to Charity
    Free nationwide towing, fast and tax deductible. Your car/boat/RV donation can make a big difference in helping ADA improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Please click here.
  9. Donate Car to Charity of Your Choice
    Donate your car, suv, van, truck, rv or boat to the charity of your choice. Fast easy and free. Quick pickup. Your car may be worth more as a donation than a trade in. Call today. Thank you.
  10. Donate Your Car to Charity
    IRS tax deduction and fast, free, nationwide pickup - help kids in need.
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