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  1. Farr APC Industrial Dust Collectors
    Farr APC Gold Series heavy-duty dust collector cleans up your factory. Saving energy and increasing production efficiency while controlling indoor air quality are plant challenges.
  2. Dust Collector Uses Your Compressed Air
    Using your plant compressed air supply, super air amplifiers vacuum dust through ordinary hose or tube. 60: one air amplification. Patent by Exair.
  3. Scientific Dust Collectors
    Product information, spec sheets, information and downloads.
  4. Monroe Cartridge Dust Collector
    The Monroe Cartridge Dust Collector is designed to provide continuous-duty collection and removal of airborne dust produced by manufacturing and processing operations.
  5. DualDraw - Dust Collector
    Dualdraw patented clean air systems. We specialize in manufacturing downdraft tables and booths. Completely self-contained and ready to use. Contact us for dust collector details.
  6. Industrial Dust Collector Needs?
    Quick access by zip code to your regional industrial dust collector distributor for sales, installation and service of various manufacturers.
  7. Filter 1 Industrial Dust Collectors
    Our state-of-the-art dust collectors are available nationwide. We also specialize in customizing our designs to meet your individual needs.
  8. Dust Collector Workhorse for Industries
    With high-efficiency filters and vibra-pulse cleaning, the DC series by airflow systems is at work for various types of dust, from small to large industrial processes.
  9. K&B; Duct - Dust Collector Systems
    Remove dust, mist and other particles from the air. Use our free drag-and-drop planner and request a quote - functions to help with your design. We also carry parts and supplies.
  10. Industrial Air Cleaner - Dust Collector
    High performance industrial air cleaners replace costly duct collectors.
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