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  1. Intellectual Property Services
    Work directly with licensed registered patent attorney and degreed engineer. 36 years patent and engineering experience. Professional staff available 24/7 by phone. We never close.
  2. Intellectual Property Answers Online
    Trademarks filed in 3 easy steps. We've filed over 16,000 trademarks. LegalZoom is your personal online legal service center. It was created by top attorneys to save you time and money.
  3. Lucasgroup: Legal Employment Recruiters
    Firm specializing in legal placement. Attorneys and paralegals: Registering immediately sends your profile to one of our recruiting experts. Employers: Use our pinpoint staffing services.
  4. Thompson & Thompson Trademark Attorneys
    Thompson & Thompson, P. C. offers a full-range of intellectual property protection and trademark registration services. Contact us for more information.
  5. Ensure E-Mail Privacy
    E-Mail anti-theft software. Protect intellectual property. Free trial.
  6. Need an Intellectual Property Attorney?
    Free consultation and analysis done by Steve, an IP attorney, ex-patent examiner and host of "Entrepreneur Magazine's Invention Patents and Beyond" personalized attention you deserve.
  7. Intellectual Property Damage Consultants
    IPF specializes in financial assessments and damages of IP and patents.
  8. Intellectual Property Safe Guard System
    Prevent data leakage on all channels on gigabit speed networks with the Datasafe Extrusion Prevention System. Monitors and prevents data leakage via e-mail, web, web mail, IM, P2P, FTP.
  9. Intellectual Property Protection
    Corporate Risk Solutions offers expert, certified consultants to assist clients in implementing intellectual property protection programs and security awareness training for employees.
  10. Intellectual Property Attorney Search
    Find intellectual property lawyers in your area. Free and confidential.
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