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  1. Real and Dummy Security Cameras
    Fake security camera - Real camera housings, not toys, free shipping, great prices here.
  2. Fake Cameras - Great Selection
    Ten models of fake security cameras are here. All in stock for immediate shipment. Volume discounts are welcome.
  3. Dummy Security Cameras $4.89
    Large 22 dummy camera selection for all situations. Free shipping.
  4. Fake Security Camera
    Save 40% factory direct. Over 400 video security kits and items in stock. Easy to install and use.
  5. Fake Security Camera Only $9.95
    The motorized motion dector swivels and the activation lights comes on. The motion detector sensor makes it appear to work as an actual security camera.
  6. Fake Security Camera
    Save 40-80% on stereos, MP3 players, TVs and more. $2.95 shipping. Deep discounts from your online outlet store, Overstock.com.
  7. Fake Security Camera - Motion Detection
    Fake Security Camera with motion detection deters robbery and shoplifting. Will remain still until someone passes by, then the 'camera' will move back and forth and a red light will flash.
  8. Fake Security Camera by ArmletCCTV
    Dummy dome $4.88, with lens $5.88, armor dummy dome $9.88, buy today.
  9. Fake Security Cameras at MSN Shopping
    Compare prices on a wide selection of Consumer & Home electronics.
  10. Simulated Security Camera with Red Light
    Scare away potential criminals with this professional-looking simulated security camera. Blinking red light for always-on look. Sturdy and solid, American-made. 30-day money-back guarantee.
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