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  1. Merchants Leasing - Fleet Management
    Merchants Leasing is your single source for fleet management. We apply money-saving strategies wherever possible. We specialize in closed-end leasing and custom programs.
  2. On-line Driver Management
    Easy to use DOT and non-DOT compliance, safety, driver and fleet management system. E-Driver File also keeps track of accident reporting, workers comp, risk profiling and much much more.
  3. Effective GPS Fleet Management
    At GPS Technologies, we provide active and passive GPS tracking systems for businesses with fleets of all sizes. We also offer devices to monitor teenage driving. Great rates.
  4. Microlise America - Fleet Management
    Automatic vehicle location (AVL), scheduling, proof of delivery and proof of collection, satellite navigation and real time traffic information.
  5. Teletrac - Fleet Management Solutions
    Teletrac's real-time vehicle tracking, communications and security products will boost your company's productivity.
  6. Fleet Maintenance Management Software
    Managerplus handles unlimited preventative maintenance schedules for all of the vehicles in your fleet. Monitor oil/fuel use, parts, repairs, warranties, and more. View a demo today.
  7. Fleet Management with GPS
    Do you know where your drivers are? Cut fuel costs by 20%. GPS tracking - PC or Web based with text messaging. We have a variety of systems to meet your needs. Visit us online today.
  8. Fleet Management
    Visa can provide payment management solutions for businesses of all types & sizes with sophisticated data & reporting services. Design a program to meet your business needs. Learn more.
  9. Fleet Management Software
    Fleet management software that is user friendly and customizable to fit all aspects of your vehicle maintenance. Download your free working demo today.
  10. School Transportation Software
    GIS mapping/routing software helps with school transportation fleet management.
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