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  1. Criminal Defense Attorneys - Free Advice
    Experience helps our criminal attorneys achieve spectacular results on serious offenses nationwide. Call 24/7 for expert advice from a firm that cares about you, and winning your case.
  2. Aggressive Criminal Defense, Statewide
    Free consultation 24x7. Our team approach gets spectacular results in all 50 states.
  3. Criminal Defense Attorney
    Criminal defense attorneys. For a free consultation - submit our form to be contacted by our staff. Defense in federal, state and juvenile courts.
  4. Expert Criminal Attorneys: Los Angeles
    Former Prosecutors and Law Professors: Bar Registry of Elite Lawyers: 50 Plus Yrs Experience. Free Consultation 24/7.
  5. Criminal Defense Attorney
    Are you facing criminal charges? Do you need a Criminal Defense Attorney? Find local Criminal Defense Attorney nationwide.
  6. Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers
    American and California State Bar certified lawyer referral service helps you find qualified and experienced criminal defense attorneys and law firms in your area.
  7. Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?
    Find a local lawyer confidently using Martindale-Hubbell's lawyers.com.
  8. Criminal Defense Attorney
    LegalMatch searches for the right defense attorney in your area. Attorneys are pre-screened and qualified, complete with ratings and resumes.
  9. Cochran Firm: Criminal Defense Attorneys
    Contact us for a free case consultation on your criminal case. We are open nights and weekends. We practice in all courts - Federal, State, Juvenile and Military. We handle all crimes.
  10. Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys
    American and California state bar certified lawyer referral service helps you find qualified criminal defense lawyers close to your area. Check on lawyers records' and ratings.
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