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  1. Laser Welding Wire
    A full line of super-clean welding wire that is chemically certified and copper-free, offered in 18 inch lengths in eight different micro sizes. Available from 0.005"  0.035".
  2. Miyachi Unitek Lasers
    Single source solutions from the industrial laser experts. Laser welders, laser markers, standard and custom class 1 workstations. Applications development, training, service and support.
  3. Laser Welding With Norman Noble, Inc
    Norman Noble, Inc. is expert at laser welding and machining, one of the most complex machining processes. As one of the largest resources in this field, we operate over 90 advanced lasers.
  4. Litron Laser Sharp Systems and Services
    Custom laser systems. Precision laser welding services. Glovebox hermetic sealing services. Complete assembly and testing.
  5. Laser Welding and Cutting
    Microgroup offers both laser welding and cutting using ND YAG lasers. Complete our form at Medical Design Online for more info.
  6. Laser Welding Job Shop, 48 Hour Delivery
    EBI provides laser welding services to the medical device, sensor, microelectronics, telecom, aerospace, semiconductor, fiber optic and other industries. Since 1965.
  7. Laser Welding by Skilled Technicians
    Expert laser welding for small precise parts, stainless steel and other materials, hard to reach areas, and through glass: serves the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries and others.
  8. Leister Lasersystems for Plastic Welding
    Leister Technologies, LLC is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Novolas Lasersystems, which utilize a diode laser and are designed for laser welding plastics or laser selective soldering.
  9. Laser Welding and Assembly
    Automated laser weld attach tools. Comprehensive design and manufacturing services.
  10. Precision Laser Welding Services
    Gateway Laser offers computer controlled fiber optic Laser Welding Services ideal for joining small components, providing cylindrical welds, and fabricating tubular assemblies.
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