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introduction to wireless LAN
introduction to wireless LAN
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Overview: Applications for Wireless LANs

Wireless LANs frequently augment rather than replace wired LAN networks-often providing the final few meters of connectivity between a backbone network and the mobile user. The following list describes some of the many applications made possible through the power and flexibility of wireless LANs:


  • Doctors and nurses in hospitals are more productive because hand-held or notebook computers with wireless LAN capability deliver patient information instantly.
  • Consulting or accounting audit engagement teams or small workgroups increase productivity with quick network setup.
  • Network managers in dynamic environments minimize the overhead of moves, adds, and changes with wireless LANs, thereby reducing the cost of LAN ownership.
  • Training sites at corporations and students at universities use wireless connectivity to facilitate access to information, information exchanges, and learning.
  • Network managers installing networked computers in older buildings find that wireless LANs are a cost-effective network infrastructure solution.
  • Retail store owners use wireless networks to simply frequent network reconfiguration.
  • Trade show and branch office workers minimize setup requirements by installing preconfigured wireless LANs needing no local MIS support.
  • Warehouse workers use wireless LANs to exchange information with central databases and increase their productivity.
  • Network managers implement wireless LANs to provide backup for mission-critical applications running on wired networks.
  • Senior executives in conference rooms make quicker decisions because they have real-time information at their fingertips.


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