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The following are unsolicited comments sent to us by our customers.
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All my domain purchases are done only through Buy Domains. The customer service is miles ahead of NSI and I've never ever had a single problem in over 3 years. Would recommend to everyone and currently highly suggest my clients to purchase their names through Buy Domains also. Excellent work!

Keep up the good work.

John M.
April 12, 2004

Off we go to Buy Domains to see about updating the record...Whoops, I forgot what my account password was (if I ever knew it). That wouldn't be a big problem, except my email address of record was no longer valid, and my snail mail address of record was incorrect. I couldn't have them email my password, and they couldn't snailmail it to me.

Luckily, they provide a handy way to fix that problem...I was able to fax them an update (with a copy of my drivers license) on Friday, and get into my account today.

Buy Domains offers a DNS hosting service as well...they offer it as a free service...comes with the domain. The interface is easy - just plug the IP address you want your URL pointed at. You can also park your domain for free, and use an email redirect service.

Works for me...Nice to see a registrar that works quickly to assist their customers and understands that a little value added service can go a long way!

- Doohickey Jones

I like the fact that Buy Domains has been around for quite some time. The wait period on the phone is short for getting assistance. You have a well organized web site with some really nice options.

C. Matthews
February 15, 2004

You all have super support no matter when I call. No long hold times which is an absolute plus these days and your tech support is always very helpful and friendly. Love it!

February 11, 2004

Buy Domains is simple and straightforward. You keep your promises...and always deliver.... (many American businesses sell by lying or over-promising and we intensely dislike this). For a small business - and we are very small - it is useful to have domain name registration, one-page or simple web site and e-mail forwarding all in the bundle. We have colleagues to whom we have referred your services to because they are useful and not too expensive. Thank you.

IT Manager
January 07, 2004

You have a stress free system for searching for and registering a domain name. ...I just went in...asked for what I wanted and registered!!! That simple!!! I looked at another site and found the process confusing and incomplete. Thanks for keeping it simple!

Eunice G.
January 07, 2004

Have a great holiday! Thanks for making domain registration so easy....clear and concise explanation of all services. This process should be and was a no-brainer. Unlike BuyDomains, some of the other websites try to offer too much and over power their website with alot of garbage.

Thanks!! Debbie D.
December 18, 2003

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I love the FREE value added services!! I previously registered with another site that initial registration was cheaper but then I had to pay for forwarding and additional money for masking. In the long run it cost me 3-4 times as much as if would have just registered with you. If I find this to be a legitimate site and I am happy with registration and find it easy to create my custom One Page site, I would love to be an affiliate or do a banner exchange. I foresee incredible traffic coming to my site that I just registered with you. If all goes well and indeed your Free Value services are free and not deceptive I will recommend you to many people. This could be the beginning of a very profitable relationship for both of our companies!

Dana D
November 22, 2003


Yet another extremely satisfied customer just wanting to express my thanks for helping rid me of NSI's incompetence. The last of my domains is finally transferred to BuyDomains and in the past 20 minutes, I've been able to affect changes to this domain that would take DAYS if not WEEKS with NSI. Administering my domains is a piece of cake now. No more gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair or barking at the NSI weenies on the phone to get anything done! Hooray Buy Domains!!!

Kevin S.

Great prices great service great cooperation from phone reps easy to use website no mumbo-jumbo jargon great unconditional help on all levels and all aspects of the company and the website! I honestly have nothing bad to say about My every experience with you guys has been excellent. Please don?t ever change. Please don t ever let another company buy into you or take over Buy Domains. You guys are the best registrar and I will never again purchase another domain through any other registrar ever again! You have a customer for life! I expect problems from Verisign when I transfer over 2 domains from them in April and I hope that with BuyDomains on my side we can make the transfer a smooth one (although I know VeriSign will give me a hassle).

Keep up the good work and don't ever change! I plan to make another bulk purchase soon... and when I do I will go directly to BUYDOMAINS.COM !!

Mike S
February 12, 2003

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The website is great. It's attractive yet functional and easy to use. Congrats - seriously!

BTW, I stay with you because you answer email and follow through on my questions without a standard answer. Thanks for always looking after the customer and adding value so I feel like I should be loyal!

Cheers, John
Feb. 7, 2003

Stats on BuyDomains control panel = Fantastic!!!

Many thanks for adding statistics on domain hits to the BuyDomains control panel. You were already the best registrar, and your service just got even better!!!

Best regards, Ed
Feb. 3, 2003

Thank you Shannon. Buy Domains has already proven in a short period of time to be much superior in service than Verisign as well as more willing to support individuals like myself who sometimes may need additional support beyond the website.

I think that Buy Domains is very fortunate to have young professionals like yourself, Jim and Sylvia representing them and also please send them both my regards, for their support and cooperation during my most stressful crisis with Verisign.

I already look forward to speaking to you again next week and sincerely hope that I have the opportunity to keep working with you directly through the remainder of my complete transfer and consolidation phase from Verisign to Buy Domains.

Sincerely, Rafael
Oct. 21, 2002

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I love you guys! I provide web design and hosting services and have been suggesting www.Buy Domains for some time now due to your value added services, excellent service, and great prices. I've been awarded a contract and expect to register a large number of URLs in October. Thank you.

John Rowe
September 5, 2002

Your price of course is great for just the registration alone, but with all the free tools you get for using your service, you can't be beat! I am an owner in a consulting company and I make sure that everyone registers with Buy Domains. To me there is no other place to even think about registration than you guys. THANK YOU!!!

M. McGinnis
July 16, 2002

I like your prices because it helps a small business owner like my self get started without such over priced sites. I get 2 years almost for the price on the other site. Again you have been very helpful.

L. Lombardo
July 19, 2002

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Your ease and accuracy when checking domain names and your prices are GREAT! I've already registered with InterNIC, paid a lot of money and was seriously misguided by them. Now I'm trying to get my money back. I called your customer service dept first before registering with your service and they answered all of my questions they were more interested in giving me accurate information than being strictly salesmen. So now I'm happy to give you my business. In the future I'll be contacting you for Web Hosting services. Thanks again.

A. Asha
July 28, 2002

Buy Domains is easy and efficient! You take the hassle out of domain registration. Great Work!

J. Jowett
August 22, 2002

I registered my first domain when there was only one company who had the right to do so. Then the market was opened up, and what a difference that has made.

I discovered Buy Domains and saw that they provided a tremendous amount of services free in addition to a competitive price for the basic registration. I will admit that I thought it could be a fraud at first. I registered a few domains, and when I needed support they were prompt, friendly, and effective. What a surprise!

Everything has always worked as promised, and I've never had an inquiry that wasn't answered within 24 hours.

I've seen other legitimate registrars who offer lower prices. I wouldn't switch. They don't offer anywhere near the options and services that BuyDomains offers. I would end up transferring all domains to BuyDomains anyway. You just can't do better.

Dan Spencer
May 2, 2002

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What an easy & affordable way for absolutely anybody to host or transfer a website. This leaves no reason for anyone with a PC & computer access not to own a website to use for any reason personal or professional. Great job!

Cindy Beech
March 20, 2002

Easy to use really like your straightforward registration agreement and privacy statement. Came here after Network Solutions annoyed me - won t be going back!

Cindy LoPiccolo-Giles
March 12, 2002

Your prices and that you allow clients to control and change their accounts with the url and password make it very simple. That is exactly what drove me from I also like the fact that you make your 800 number easily accessible and your customer service people speak English well and are friendly. Two other reasons why I'll never return to

Clint Eccher
March 11, 2002

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Can't say enough good things about your site. I love it. It's easy and when you are on the move constantly like me you really come to appreciate well planned well thought out interfaces.

J. Reading
March 08, 2002

I'm very impressed with your EXCELLENT services. Your exclusive domain name searching tools are the most amazing I have ever used. That was how I was able to find (50) .com names... in a few hours... that I just had to get!! You don't even need to THINK... just type in a word or a partial word and ZOOM there you have the very BEST selection available period. Continued success.

Neil Adams
December 10, 2001

This was the easiest domain transfer I've ever done. After fighting with the "other guys" for a week on several different practices that I consider unfair you are a breath of fresh air. I will be transferring all of our clients to you immediately. That's over 250 domains and climbing. Thank you for bringing the concept of integrity back to the registrar industry.

Zanne Marie Gray
October 23, 2001

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I hope, I sincerely hope, you run Network Solutions out of business. They do NOT deserve tomake a SINGLE PENNY off the Internet. Their service is disgraceful. I am going to recommend your company to every living human being I can find who has a web site. THANK YOU. I'm sure I'm only one of a long list of folks who are happy we made the change to your company!

John Orban
October 16, 2001

Thank you for the rapid response. Your Technical Support department runs circles around Network Solutions!!

September 7, 2001

Thank You. This is the way I usually end a letter and normally it's not my salutation. I didn't have long to wait. Within two days everything was transferred over and your value added services package was working perfectly. Within two months of using your service I had to change ISP's and therefore had to move my web site to my new ISP's web server. Using your domain management control panel made this process simple. Within only a few hours after making the appropriate changes everything was up and working flawlessly. Again you exceeded my expectations! Only once did I have to use your toll free phone-in technical support which did not involve a problem on your end and the technician I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. From this experience I would rate your technical support as one of the best if not the best I've ever had to use. Again thank you for the great service and support.

Jerry Zillier Bismarck ND
August 20, 2001

Back to top

Online Registration Transfer Control Panel (the single most important reason that I am transferring to you!). Your customer service is awesome - the few problems I have had have been dealt with by email with extraordinary speed! My previous ISPs/registrars rarely answered mail at all - your guys reply usually within the hour!

Stephen Anthony Smith
July 15, 2001

Cost, ease of use�competition against the NSI monopoly. I like the way you contacted me and informed me that my domain names were soon to expire. NSI did not show any degree of concern for that problem.

Patrick J. Connor
July 13, 2001

Easy to understand and navigate for someone very new to this sort of thing.

Sandra Gann
July 11, 2001

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TO: Network Solutions
(from their ex-customer)

Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Change of Registrar

Which class do you fall into? Are you more stupid than incompetent, or more incompetent than stupid? I couldn't answer because you routed my email into your bit bucket, and you KNOW I could not receive that message to confirm it. We WILL change all 60 domains we control away from your quasi-fraud manipulations. You guys are dead, You're yesterday's news. You have competent competition at HALF the price and no fake corporate tricks to try to keep your accounts. The more you try to force accounts into your service the more will run from your grasp. You are hereby instructed to release my domain to the new registrar and NEVER try to hold my business by force again.


R. Edwin Russell
July 10, 2001

Extremely well done website. The domain transfer process was extremely well laid out and the steps were very clear. Thank you for a clear and concise website. It is a welcome change from the cluttered and confusing websites of larger companies (such as NSI).

Peter Grina
July 10, 2001

The maintenance features are second to none. All the features I have used have been excellent. I have yet to find a "least favorite". You have the best domain registration service bar none. I tell anybody I speak with who mentions the desire to register a domain to do it with you. Your service would be a bargain at twice the cost.

Tom Whitfield
July 3, 2001

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Totally easy to use! My domain is in the process of transferring registrars to here so I cant even use all of BuyDomains features yet but I can tell you that I LOVE IT! I was so sick and tired of dealing with NSI they were hard as hell to get ahold of customer service was very poor extremely large and cumbersome - pain in the ass to do anything with your account (DNS changes etc)....... Glad I found your company! And on top of that all you cant beat the prices! Rock on!!

Jeff Ambrose
July 02, 2001

"Great service. Easy and you did what you said you would do. Thanks!" -

Suzanne J Maurer
June 28, 2001

We are very impressed with BuyDomains overall. Your service is excellent because you put control of the entire process into the customer s hands. The same goes for the management of domains names in general. It's easy using your control panel.

Richard Carlson
June 27, 2001

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Professional Staff! Clean Website! I have a feeling this will be a permanent home.

Brian Philhower
June 20, 2001

Simple, easy to use for non-web technical folk. I was with Network Solution for a long time and did more in the week that I switched over than in the years I was at NSI. Thanks. Also, your customer services answered on the first ring on a Sunday afternoon Well Done!

Avi Friedman
June 10, 2001

This is a great company especially for an ambitious non-profit like us. The costs are more than reasonable. The service is great. I'm recommending you to everybody. THANKS!

Evelyn Messinger
June 04, 2001

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Tell your boss that I am really impressed with your tech support. That was fast and efficient and did not drag on for days. It was even on a Sunday morning. I am very pleased with your company, you got my business and I will recommend you to anybody still with network solutions or the other high priced, overrated, and undervalued registrar companies.

Keep up the good work and have a good weekend.
Thanks again
Dale Hubbard
June 1, 2001

Compared to all of the Domain Registering sites I visited BuyDomains is by far the most user friendly. As a professional web developer the last thing I want to get when searching for specific information is a headache. This site is lean clean and mean. I will return to do more business again real soon.

Scott Sare
May 30, 2001

I'm web developer and buying domains for my customers - so it s really important to me to have fast and reliable support system. Such as BuyDomains provides. Thank you very much for such great services & support! Hope to buy few more domains soon.

Pavel Kuznetsov
May 18, 2001

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As president of a Web Design and hosting company I really like your services. Your tech support staff fixed a problem for me in less than 20 minutes. Outstanding!!!

Doug Barnhart
May 18, 2001

As an Internet pro I have researched many other Registrars and compared offers. Even though BuyDomains is not the cheapest, their interface is most user-friendly and their basic and straight to the point approach is very accommodating. I have converted some of my clients as well and they too share my opinion. Most impressed was the response of telephone customer service. I am very familiar with this field and know about issues with bad support form unknowledgeable agents and/or outsource facilities. BuyDomains delivered - No matter what time of day (4am)!

Pico Van Kronstein
May 15, 2001

You made transferring my existing registration with Network Solutions fast easy and affordable. $16.00 per year makes far more sense than their attempt to bill existing customers for 2 years at $70.00 - as if we were registering for the first time. Given Network Solutions failing to react to your more affordable price to transfer our existing domain we shall be informing all our clients of you. Thanks for rescuing us from the price gougers. Keep up the good work.

James Holloway
May 3, 2001

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Just switched my domain - and - forwarding services from Network Solutions and DNSCentral respectively. Just wanted to let you know how smooth and painless the entire process was. Plus your site and my account manager is so much easier to navigate and use it is a real treat.

Thanks for speedy service and a great price!
Charles Johnston
April 27, 2001

Compared to, which TechTV likes, is much better. Offering Unlimited URL and Email forwarding FREE is a major plus for me. charges you extra for these features. The 'About Us' pages is really good information, especially the clear notion, that other sites do not mention that, you (the buyer) actually own the domain, not rent.

April 25, 2001

As the domain I bought with you was the first I ever bought, I didn't quite realize how good your service was. Recently, though, I bought a domain in UK, and the providers I used over here have a real basic service, with the bare minimum.

All the services you offer for free (like email/web forwarding) cost almost twice as much as registering the domain itself here, and they did not have an "under construction" page option, too! Not to mention, it took the best part of 24 hours to get the domain right...

Well, I suppose it's really true: it takes a crap supplier to make one appreciate the good ones!

All the best, congratulations for a job well done!
Marco Massenzio
March 27, 2001

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I just wanted to write and tell you how much I am pleased to have transferred my domains over to Buy Domains. I previously had registered several domains using, but now that I have switched, I find your prices and services to be far better than what I had before. Please tell your web developers that they have done an exceptional job at putting together your web site.

The "value-added" services you offer for free are excellent. Now I can frame-forward my domains and host my own web sites using my ISP account, not to mention the convenience of your email forwarding. As a software engineering manager, I am impressed by the ease of use of your site, and the one time I called for tech. support, I was pleased to get a friendly, real live person on the phone that quickly answered my questions.

Thanks for providing such a great service. You guys are the best in my eyes and I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know that has used other domain registration services.

Brad Dupuis
February 23, 2001

Hey Guys/Gals,
I don't usually write these kind of letters (emails) but I felt compelled to do so this time because I am that impressed with the service level provided by BUYDOMAINS.COM. The ease of doing business is incredible, your customer support is unparalleled amongst your peers and your free utilities are just what I've been looking for.

Thanks for creating a wonderful environment for managing my domain name needs.

John B.
February 22, 2001

Hi, I've used numerous domain name companies in the past and I have to say yours is the best - a good price and your url/email forwarding is the fastest I've seen. The site is well organized and really like the administration GUI that makes it a breeze to change my settings in seconds.

Keep up the great work...

Thomas Bailey -
February 8, 2001

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I really like your web site and how it is handled - I do not like Network Solutions - I'll go ahead and transfer my other names and buy a few new ones - Thanks for the quick answer and the "human" touch!

Jill Ann Dobbs
February 6, 2001

This amazing.... Sooooo fast..
You people are great...
Thank you very much....

With best regards, Happy New Year
Harshal Kulkarni
January 4, 2001

Thank you for your continued support. I must admit that I am very satisfied with the attention and promptness devoted by your technical support team to my concern. I should add that you have earned a customer just for that reason. I myself used to be a senior member of Intel's WorldWide Technical Support Organization which enhances my scrutiny to customer/technical support. Your services have exceeded my expectations. Please forward my words of satisfaction to your highest management.

Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Cristiano Alves
January 3, 2001

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I just wanted to tell you that we have switched over to Buy Domains because of eternal frustration with Network Solutions. And let me tell you that our IT department is ecstatic with the ease of operation in getting things switched over to your location. In fact, just this morning they were saying that our www site got switched within 6 MINUTES of their sending an e-mail over to you.

They wanted me to specifically thank you for running a tight ship and having such a crack technical staff. Kudos go to you all.

Kind regards,
Phil Collyer, President
Greater DC Cares
December 15, 2000

You guys have been great to work with. I wish more online companies would have the same kind of customer support your company has shown. I look forward to a long profitable relationship.

Jim Shead
December 15, 2000

I love all the features that Buy Domains has. You guys are the best domain service around. Your service is a whole lot easier and faster than any other service I have seen. As me being a web host you guys make my life a whole lot easier on registrations. Your technical support is the best that I have ever seen. You guys are always lowering the domain registation price which makes it virtually cheaper than anybody. I have been referring your great service to all my friends and clients and I plan to continue to do so as long as your around. I also have a recommedation posted all over my hosting website to use your service over anyone else.

Jonathan Moore
November 17, 2000

Back to top

Wow... you guys are absolutely the best web vendor in the known universe!

I deal with many. Kudos on Kudos to you all. Your support is A+. Your new account management interface is AAA+.

Other domain registrars made me jump hoops to make a simple email address change. You make it easy following that tried-and-true KISS method.

Jan Manzer
November 16, 2000

I think you are the best domain name service on the net.

Pasu Snitwongse Na Ayudhana
October 27, 2000

Your site is among the fastest registrar sites and largely accessible also by wireless smartphone.

I think you made a lot of progress, and we gave you our BEST BUY rating. Price is not everything, but your new price adjustment sure makes BuyDomains look even better.

Keep up the good work!

Clemens Kochinke
October 13, 2000

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I have reviewed around 10 domain registers ICANN approved. The BuyDomains has better features at a more competitive price than others, for sure. Faster response from phone contact too. Whatever you assure, you adhere to as well as no hidden/indirect obligation. It is very clear and crisp. I have recommended you to my friends too. I hope BuyDomains will grow faster with such commitments and offers. Great Job with good customer support.

Thank you,

October 13, 2000

The support from your company is second to none ... and that is something I rarely find on the net.

I'll gladly recommend it to all my clients. If you have a small banner logo I could use I would gladly post it on my new domains site with no affiliate expectations, just a click through directly to your site. I have a mailing list that has approx. 7,000 members at this time. I expect that close to 2,000 will be using my web mail service within the first month.

I also own other domains, with one seeing approximately 500,000 unique visitors per year. If this is appealing let me know where I can obtain a logo, and or banner to support on the site.

Let me state also that I'm far from being new to the net. I've run mailing lists, message boards and managed websites since 1995. My company is still around and continually growing. I've also seen the bad side of the net as well with companies that fall short on their promises of levels of customer service, but Buy Domains has exceeded this, at no additional cost to myself.

Again this is offered with no strings attached.

Tim Murphy
October 6, 2000

Thank you for the rapid response. Your Technical Support department runs circles around Network Solutions!!

Toby Shenefelt
October 5, 2000

Back to top

Wow! You guys are REALLY quick with your responses. I think I'm going to like working with you!!!

You have been:
1. Very helpful
2. Very helpful
3. Very prompt
4. Very efficient
5. Very helpful

Thank you so much for your help and support.

Eric A. Widholm
September 27, 2000

I'm Michael Mac Donald. You talked to me about a month ago when I first wanted to buy domain names. You were on Vacation in Fla. I had bought a few names from Network solutions but did not like the way they worked. Now I have 585 domain names in my inventory. I am using them and selling them fast. Thanks for your help. I would not have been able to do the things that I have done if it wasn't for you. Buy the way, now I am an affiliate with your name on my website. (

Once again, Thanks for your help and I will talk to you soon

Michael Mac Donald
September 1, 2000

I like the new site I am slowly moving all of my names to your panel. The site seems fairly easy to use and on the rare occasion when I had a problem I was able to pick-up the phone which a live person answered and fix it within minutes.

I spent six months trying to get Network Solutions to change my email address. With your system it took only one day. I bought the name from you. Thanks again. I will probably have 24 names with you by March. Keep up the good work.

Jon Hanson
August 22, 2000

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This is the second question that I have sent to you via your mail form and I have to say that you guys are extremely fast and wonderful examples of how email customer service should work. I get so tired of companies being 'proud' of the fact that they get back to customers within '24-48 hours'.... this not the future of the web. However you just returned the answer to my question within a few minutes!!!! NOW THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE the way it should be.

And bottom line is that is profitable. I went through the decision of calling your 877 number of using the form... and I 'chanced' using the form instead of calling (the sure thing). Why should I call when I can get a reply this quickly.

I am impressed and appreciative.

Howie Mandel
Senior E-Commerce Business Analyst
1500 Market Street / Suite 2300 West
Philadelphia, PA 19102
August 21, 2000

I would just like to say that your present format is SUPERB! When you put in a address in the search box, I REALLY like the new format with the available net or org showing available. Keep up the great work. You're only getting better! I carry copies of your home page and I talk to my friends about the great prices and services and give them copies of your home page. Once again thanks for all the hard work to make this the best site to purchase the addresses of the future.

J. Kaczetow
July 21, 2000

This is the second domain name I've registered with BD and everything is pretty smooth. Even a call to the office for a small problem was handled quickly and correctly. You are doing fantastic! I hope you stay in business forever and make millions and millions of dollars!!

R. Evans
June 20, 2000

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