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Corporate Overview

Founded in 1999, Buy Domains is the customer-focused, online services company and the world's number-one domain marketplace. It provides a comprehensive set of Web-based tools that make it easy for businesses to successfully create and grow a professional online company. Buy Domains' technology and solutions have helped hundreds of thousands of businesses, at every level of technical sophistication, to build an effective online presence without having to hire or become Internet experts.

Headquartered in the Washington DC-area, Buy Domains is a self-sustaining company that has enjoyed a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 50% since its inception. The company leverages its strong financial position, industry experts, passion for customer service and advanced, proprietary technologies to bring high-value, in-demand products and services to the marketplace.

Addressing Market Needs
The SBA estimates that there are more than 20 million small businesses in the US. Until now, building a professional and effective online presence has been beyond the financial capabilities of most small businesses. In most cases, they have been challenged by their lack of technical sophistication, time and financial resources. A significant market opportunity exists for a company that can provide high-value services that are affordable, require little technical knowledge and that can be quickly implemented.

Buy Domains has three business units that deliver a comprehensive set of Web tools and resources to effectively meet the needs of small businesses. Accordingly, Buy Domains provides premium domain sales and services, accredited domain name registration and related value-added services as well as the fast-growing, portal-based SEEQ Network search engine. After 5 years of solid growth, the company now manages more than one percent of the world's domain names.

Premium Domain Sales
With brokerage rights to more than 325,000 premium domain names, Buy Domains is the largest secondary marketplace for domains in the industry. Its team continues to identify and secure the rights to hundreds of additional premium domain names every day.

Buy Domains leverages three proprietary and powerful service features to maintain its dominant industry position. The company's Advanced Search Tool is the easiest way for people and businesses to find a domain based on multiple parameters - topic, word association and price, among others. Buy Domains' brokerage technology provides up-to-the-minute, accurate quotes - ensuring that customers are guaranteed exact pricing for the domain they want. With its brokerage technology, customers can purchase and begin management of their of premium domains within minutes - not days - without the need for escrows or transfer agents.

Domain Registration & Value-Added Service
Buy Domains has been one of the leading, accredited domain registration firms since the industry's inception. In addition to offering top-level domain name registration, Buy Domains offers its customers several levels of value-added services that are backed by the industry's only 24x7x365, live customer support offering. These services let individuals, companies and non-profits rapidly create, implement and manage a professional online presence.

Buy Domains offers a one-stop location where small businesses can purchase the services they need, as they need them. The company's services, managed from an online control panel, alleviate the need for purchasing expensive equipment and software, hiring Internet specialists or spending valuable time away from the core business operations. Buy Domains' free services include domain account management, e-mail address forwarding, domain redirection and traffic statistics, among others. Buy Domains' business-class services include industrial strength website hosting, customizable web page design and turnkey e-commerce integration, among others.

SEEQ Network
Analyst firm eMarketer projects paid search ad-related revenues will reach $3.2 billion in 2004. Paid search advertising lets marketers buy paid-link placements to searches conducted around the specific keywords they identify. Paid search ad networks still lack the level of context that marketers need to efficiently manage their audience.

The SEEQ Network, Buy Domains' search portal network, offers a significant advantage to businesses that use paid search and banner advertising to reach potential customers online. It delivers two more levels of context filtering than the current paid search engine ad networks. The SEEQ Network combines new domain keyword mapping technology and a network of more than 20 interest- and topic-based portals, enabling advertisers to reach extremely targeted audiences.

Typically, if a person is looking for a particular website and types in a URL that is not in use, they are usually greeted with a message stating that the site does not exist. This can be very frustrating for people who are looking for specific products or services on the Web. For Buy Domains, it represented a huge opportunity.

When someone types in the name of a Buy Domains premium URL, they do not hit a dead end. Instead, the SEEQ Network's keyword mapping technology examines the domain by subject and topic. The person is automatically redirected to one of the more than 20 of the SEEQ Network interest-and topic-based portals.

For example, someone typing the URL in their Web browser would be redirected to the SEEQ Network's portal. There they would find up-to-the-minute education news, view popular school-related links, check the weather and search the Web. The result is that advertisements reaching large and highly targeted audiences without jeopardizing peoples' privacy with IP address tracking or monitoring.

Each SEEQ Network portal scans the Internet, aggregates content-specific news and information and assembles it in one site. This enables people to easily access topical, interest- and lifestyle-specific information that is relevant to their interests. Additionally, the visitor has access to the SEEQ engine where they can search the Web. SEEQ Network's most popular portals include,, and

The SEEQ Network has proven very effective for advertisers. Since the service was placed in beta, it has handled more than 40 million searches and has generated more than four million advertising click throughs - more than many of its established competitors. Additionally, the SEEQ Network is beta-testing a Web-based email that enables individuals to sign up for free email service using hundreds of domains in addition to the and content portal domains.

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