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We are pleased to keep you informed of the latest domain industry news and up-to-date features and services on the Buy Domains Web site.

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The domain suffix, .aero, is among the seven new TLDs expected to be available this July or August. Although the new suffix is aimed at the aerospace industry, several major airlines have no plans to switch from their heavily branded .com presence to the .aero. SITA, the group who filed the application to add .aero, is confident that the new suffix will quickly catch on , while most, if not all, leading airport authorities are taking the "wait-and-see" attitude. Frankly, BuyDomains will take a wait-and-see attitude on new TLD's altogether. Between ICANN issues, legislative action on the hill, illegitimate "preregistrations" of names, and the randomness of the TLD selections and their registrars, we continue to believe they will not be online for some time.

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The cable television shopping giant QVC accused the owner of of trademark violation, however, they did not get possession of the name. Corporate domain name bullying is becoming more common. Many large companies are dealing with domain disputes by sending threatening emails to any smaller businesses or individuals who happen to have their name in the URL, hoping to gain possession of the name.

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Congress has scheduled hearings in February about ICANN's decision to add the seven new TLDs. These hearings stem from complaints that ICANN is interfering with competition in the domain name registration industry and will also allow several of the rejected applicants for TLDs to voice their opinions.

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Not only does Buy Domains have amazingly low prices, we also offer top-notch value added services for FREE.

Buy Domains value added services include:

  • "Domain for Sale" or "Under Construction" designations - let visitors know the current status of your URL whether it is active or not.
  • Toll free technical and customer support - real, live people are available to work with you or answer your questions personally
  • Email forwarding - allows email sent to any address on your domain to be rerouted to an existing email account.
  • Domain forwarding - allows your domain name to send visitors directly to a URL of your choice, so that you can use your new domain name to point to your existing site.
  • Frame forwarding - uses frames to cause the browser to display the designated domain name in the location bar, instead of the actual URL.
  • Full featured DNS service - allows you to point your domain traffic to any Web site host and to direct email anywhere you decide.
  • Domain parking - allows you to place your domain name on our servers whether or not you have a web site designed yet.
  • An online control panel - Arguably the most useful value added service. The online control panel allows users to manage and consolidate accounts based on individual preferences. This includes access to administrative and billing data, DNS, and frame and email forwarding. Users may change their passwords and manage data however they choose. These services make domain name transferring and registration with Buy Domains the logical choice to get the most value for the minimum amount of money.

Even if you have already registered your domains with another registrar, you can benefit from all these value added services and add 1 year to your current expiration date for only $16! To transfer your domains, visit

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Buy Domains continues to lead the secondary domain name market. With over 30,000 top quality premium domains, the collection remains in high demand.

Below are a few recently sold premium domain names: 

Featured Names for Sale
Here's a list of some of the currently available domain names-priced to sell for a limited time only. Get them while they're still hot!$488.00$688.00$688.00$888.00$1,088.00$1,488.00$1,688.00$1,688.00$1,888.00$2,288.00$1,088.00$1,288.00$1,288.00$1,488.00$1,488.00$2,888.00 Price Price Price Price


Partner Tip: How To Increase Traffic to Your Site
If you build it, they will come...or will they? Just having a site does not mean that people can find it. Here are a few things to consider when trying to attract visitors:

  • Does your domain name make sense?
  • Is it related to your business?
  • Do you have content rich pages?
  • Is your site visually pleasing?

Some companies offer free hosting, but your URL may be too long, or not make sense to potential visitors. To increase traffic, be sure to have a relevant domain name-better yet, have a bunch of names that all point to your URL through domain forwarding. This will increase your likelihood of being found by browsers. And using our special "frame" forwarding option, the only URL that will show up will be the one at your domain and not the one you might be pointing traffic to.

Having a clever name does not help if it is not related to your product or service, so try to register a name that would make sense to people searching the web for your services. As for the site itself, make your message clear to visitors right away. Visitors should be able to tell instantly whether your site is strictly informative, or if it offers products for sale.

Finally, make sure that visitors can look at your page without too many distractions, such as gaudy colors, cluttered advertisements and overuse of Flash or sounds. The goal is to make your site look clean and professional so that visitors will want to return with more business.

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Thank you for your continued support. I must admit that I am very satisfied with the attention and promptness devoted by your technical support team to my concern. I should add that you have earned a customer just for that reason. I myself used to be a senior member of Intel's WorldWide Technical Support Organization which enhances my scrutiny to customer/technical support. Your services have exceeded my expectations. Please forward my words of satisfaction to your highest management.

Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Cristiano Alves

Thank you for your interest in the Buy Domains Domain News. Please continue to give us your feedback so that we can improve our products and services using our Feedback Form

-- The Buy Domains Staff

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