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ICANN Update
Auerbach and Froomkin Testify
Buy Domains UPDATE
Transferring Your Domains
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Congressional examination of ICANN's selection of seven new top-level domains continues. Karl Auerbach, ICANN board member, and Michael Froomkin, University of Miami Law Professor, both testified at the ICANN hearings last Wednesday. While Auerbach stated that ICANN "is suffering from a lack of public process, lack of accountability, mission creep, poor communication, excessive delegation of policy-making to staff and poor business practices," Froomkin focused on ICANN's lack of constitutional oversight.

To Read More about the Latest ICANN Hearings:

Buy Domains UPDATE

Transferring Your Domains
Some Buy Domains customers have recently requested an explanation of the process of transferring registrars vs. transferring domain name ownership. To clarify, transferring ownership of a domain name occurs when the name is sold or given to another individual. The previous owner releases access to the name's contact and DNS management information and the new owner simply changes the contact/administrative information associated with the name (Whois database).

Transferring registrars is slightly more complicated. Every domain name is registered with a specified registrar that controls the services and customer support related to maintaining the name. Each registrar offers different services. If you have purchased a domain that has already been registered, you may not be completely satisfied with the services or support they have to offer and in this case, you would want to transfer registrars.

If someone other than Buy Domains manages your domains, you are likely missing out on tons of free services and added domain support. Buy Domains offers registrar transfer services for only $16. This $16 price includes all registry fees, unlimited email address forwarding, URL and frame forwarding, domain parking, and DNS, not to mention-adding an additional year to your existing renewal date!! And most importantly prompt, professional toll-free support for the duration of your registration period.

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Buy Domains continues to lead the secondary domain market with over 30,500 top quality premium domain names.

Below are a few recently sold premium domain names:

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Partner Tip: Keep Your Visitors Coming Back
Once you have established your online business, it is very important to not only bring in new customers, but also keep your existing customers coming back. By placing a "What's New" section on your site, or offering "Featured Products or Services", your visitors will maintain interest. Also, reward programs, contests and giveaways encourage repeat visits and help establish loyal customers.

A great way to keep your customers informed and interested what's going on in your industry is to set up a live chat or forum. Web site chat rooms are becoming one of the most popular means of online communication. To encourage repeat visits to your site, spice it up with a chat forum. People will come back frequently because the conversation is always new and changing. To check out an example of a great domain-related chat forum, visit

Featured Partner -- Create Your First Business Website in 10 Days
One of our recently signed partners just launched an online book on how to create a business website. Milana Nastetskaya, author of Create Your First Business Website in 10 Days, focuses on educating entrepreneurs and Internet business gurus on the basics of establishing a successful online business. Check out the first chapter of this great new book for free here!

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Hi, I've used numerous domain name companies in the past and I have to say yours is the best - a good price and your url/email forwarding is the fastest I've seen. The site is well organized and really like the administration GUI that makes it a breeze to change my settings in seconds.

Keep up the great work...

Thomas Bailey -

Thank you for your interest in the Buy Domains Domain News Update. We appreciate your opinions to help us continue to improve our products and services.

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