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Hello from Buy Domains!

In This Issue...

    ICANN Warns Against New Domain Pre-Registrations
    Names that are Selling
    Hot Domains for Sale
    Buy Domains Signs its 400th Partner
    New Login Feature

ICANN UPDATE - ICANN Warns Against New Domain Pre-Registrations,1199,NAV47_STO59048,00.html


The estimated marketing cost to reach 100,000 potential customers is over $30,000 dollars.
The cost to purchase a domain name that already attracts thousands of
potential customers every month: $8,888

Many business owners fail to realize the value and impact that a domain name can have on their business. The true value of a domain name includes many intangibles. The ability to reach out to your customers and allow them to reach you more easily carries a far greater impact than traditional advertising methods. A Premium Domain name allows you to deliver the full message, providing your web site with a solid foundation that maintains far greater impact with your customers.

One estimate of the value that a domain name has to offer, is the direct business that a domain can attract. Consider the value of just one customer directed to your site through your new Premium Domain, PLUS the value of the customers that may be attracted through their referrals. The reach is exponential, offering you the opportunity to gain significant branding.

Suppose each customer is worth only $100 dollars over their lifetime. If your new domain attracts only 500 new customers over the life of your company, then that domain brings $50,000 in direct value to your business. Suppose you have several or just one Premium Domain pointing to your business and that domain attracts 10,000 new customers. Even if each customer is valued at only $5 each over their lifetime, you would still come up with the same $50,000 valuation.

Many of our domains, such as receive thousands of direct URL hits each month (especially during tax season)! This is traffic from individuals that are interested in obtaining tax-related information or services. If you have a tax or financial- related business, by pointing to your existing online presence, you are instantly opening the doors to thousands of new potential clients, without any additional marketing or branding efforts.

The addition of a new premium domain to your marketing machine is a simple, and instant means to reaching a wider audience. There is no need to add staff or carry significant ongoing expenses. With your one time Premium Domain name purchase, your business will see the results instantly and continuously over time.

The domain name is for sale at Buy Domains for only $8,888. This domain currently receives over 1000 hits each month. To purchase this domain, Click here

If you are interested in learning about the traffic or pricing of a particular name, search for the domain of your choice and complete an online Price Request Form.

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Names that are selling
Below are a few recently premium sold domain names:

Featured Premium Domains
As April 15th rolls around the corner many people are focusing on their taxes and financial status. Below are a few of the many tax and financial related domain names and others that are for sale. Click on the link and get these Hot Domains before someone else does! Or keyword search in the Premium Domains Collection (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price) (Request Price)

Search through over 35,000 highly marketable premium domains names by alphabet, price, subject or keyword. Get your domain name today!


Buy Domains Signs its 400th Partner

On March 22, Buy Domains signed its 400th Partner! The Buy Domains Partnership Program offers communities of interest the opportunity to resell domain products and services. As an Affiliate, Reseller, Embedded Tools Partner, or Premium Name Reseller, Buy Domains provides all the necessary tools and services, allowing our Partners to earn significant revenue without the added technical or R&D; costs., our 400th Partner, joined as a Premium Name Reseller. As most of our Premium Resellers are proving to have very profitable relationships with us, we expect to do the same. To learn more about our Partnership opportunities, or if you are interested in becoming a Partner, visit our Partner Program.

New Login Features

Buy Domains recently added and made a few changes to our Partner Login Feature. All Buy Domains Partners have online, real-time access to their account tracking and commission earnings. On the main menu that can be directly accessed through our Partner Login there are two options to view.

"View Sales Totals" allows you to check on detail information regarding your links or banners by month. When you click on the particular month you are interested in, you will have access to the total traffic, type of sales, and total amount of sales that your link or banner has generated.

"View Account Balance" shows you what your total commission is to date, including your total monthly commissions generated less each check that you have received. When you are interested in seeing how well your tools are doing, in terms of traffic and sales, the "View Sales Totals" can help. However, when you are checking to see your total commissions earned, click on "View Account Balance".

If you are unsure of your password or login information, please complete the Partner Password Recovery Form. Be sure to have one of the following pieces of information for us to accurately obtain your account information: email that you used in applying to the program, full contact name, or tracking ID(s). If you would like to change your existing password, please include your new password in the email.

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     "I really like your web site and how it is handled - I do not like Network Solutions - I'll go ahead and transfer my other names and buy a few new ones - Thanks for the quick answer and the "human" touch!"

Jill Ann Dobbs

Thanks for all your support!
We pride ourselves on giving top quality service and customer satisfaction. Please continue to give us your feedback so that we can improve our products and services using our Feedback Form or complete an online survey

-- The Buy Domains Staff

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