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    Government Appoints Private .edu Manager
    Foreign Accents on the Web will Likely Flop
    Government Launches Domain Names Study
    Recently Sold Premium Names
    Hot Domains for Sale - Travel & Baseball
    Featured Partner -


Government Appoints Private .edu Manager

Educause, a national group that represents high tech interests of over 1800 colleges and universities will be solely responsible for the management of the .edu registration.

Over the past few years there has been controversy surrounding the existing policy that .edu had been reserved for 4 year universities, overlooking community colleges and non-university educational organizations.

Educause plans on proposing a new policy that will change these rules.

Foreign Accents on the Web will Likely Flop

WorldNames Inc., a multilingual domain name registrar is accepting "pre-registrations" for domain names that allow the use of symbols including smiley faces and a copyright circle. What WorldNames' fails to inform its customers, is that although these names may be available to be reserved, they are only part of a test. These names will most likely fail to work for several reasons. Most keyboards are not set to offer foreign languages or non-traditional symbols. Furthermore, application developers will have to adapt their web browsers, web applications and e-mail systems to support these alternative characters.

The demand has been extremely high, however many Internet engineers are concerned because Verisign is misleading customers and making false promises before the Internet Engineers Task Force even approves the standards.

Foreign accents and characters won't be available for months, or at least not until all testing and engineering standards are finalized.

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Government Launches Domain Names Study

The Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) Committee launched a Congress-mandated study that will focus on resolving issues regarding the Internet and copyright protection in the DNS.

Details surrounding the study are still in discussion, however, the committee will primarily focus on the technical infrastructure of the Internet and its projected scalability of users and site growth. Additional topics include the number of TLDs that can be added, Internet name assignment, addressing, and searching trends, and potential improved user interfaces.

The study is expected to be completed by 3rd quarter next year.


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