The IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Standard (continued)

Appendix A -International EMC Compliance

Both manufacturers and globe trotting users of WLAN products need to be aware that Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements vary from one country to another. The regulations are intended to minimize the interference between the numerous users of radio equipment in the unlicensed bands. The allowed operating frequencies, power levels and spurious levels are the primary differences between standards. The 802.11 standard defines the specifications for the WLAN transceivers for the major market areas.

Wireless LANs are subject to equipment certification and operating requirements established by regional and national regulatory administrations. The 802.11 standard identifies the minimum technical requirements for interoperability and compliance based upon established regulations for Europe, Japan, and the North America. WLAN manufacturers need to be aware of all of the current regulatory requirements prior to offering a product for sale in a particular country.

The documents listed below specify the current regulatory requirements for various geographical areas. They are provided for information only, and are subject to change or revision at any time.


  • Approval Standards: European Telecommunications Standards Institute
  • Documents: ETS 300-328, ETS 300-339
  • Approval Authority: National Type Approval Authorities


  • Approval Standards: La Reglementation en France por les Equipements fonctionnant dans la bande de frequences 2,4 GHz "RLAN-Radio Local Area Network"
  • Documents: SP/DGPT/ATAS/23, ETS 300-328, ETS 300-339
  • Approval Authority: Direction Generale des Postes et Telecommunications


  • Approval Standards: Research and Development Center for Radio Communications (RCR)
  • Documents: RCR STD-33A
  • Approval Authority: Ministry of Telecommunications (MKK)

North America:

  • Approval Standards: Industry Canada (IC), Canada
  • Documents: GL36
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC), USA
  • Documents: CFR47, Part 15, Sections 15.205, 15.209, 15.247.
  • Approval Authority: Industry Canada (Canada), FCC (USA)


  • Approval Standards: Supplemento Del Numero 164 Del Boletin Oficial Del Estado
  • (Published 10 July 91, Revised 25 June 93)
  • Documents: ETS 300-328, ETS 300-339
  • Approval Authority: Cuadro Nacional De Atribucion De Frecuesias

Note: Operation in countries within Europe, or other regions outside Japan or North America, may be subject to additional or alternative national regulations.


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